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サスティナブルなFood Supply Chainの構築へ

世界の栄養不足人口が10億人であるといわれるなか、われわれは現代の食品サプライチェーン(FSC)を、世界の人々を養っていく持続可能なシステムに再構築する必要があります。しかし、先進国では食品マーケティングを徹底させ、欠品や価格下落を回避するため、生産された食料の適正配分ができず、多くの食べられる食品が廃棄されています。また、途上国では、貧困や輸送インフラの欠如のため、生産は十分だったとしても食料が手に入りにくい状況が生まれています。人口増加や経済発展による「肉食化」の時代を迎え、このような食品ロス問題(Food Waste and Loss Problems)を、グローバルな視点で解決することは、もはや待ったなしの状況です。


Toward Sustainable Food Supply Chain


With one billion undernourished people worldwide, we need to rebuild our modern food supply chain (FSC) into a sustainable system to feed our society. However, in developed countries, many edible foods are being scrapped due to thorough food marketing and spoiled proper distribution of food to avoid chance loss shortages and excessive falling prices.

Even if food production is sufficient in developing countries, it is difficult to obtain the necessary food due to economic poverty and lack of transportation infrastructure. In the era of "mass consumption of meat" due to population growth and economic development in developing countries, it is no longer possible to wait to solve such food waste and loss problems from a global perspective...

My research works to eliminate the imbalance between hunger and satiety on the earth, which has become constant and to build a sustainable FSC simultaneously.

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